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Our Reef

Come join us for a relaxing dive on the reef where turtles and all sorts of fish will welcome you!

Florida has the 3rd largest coral reef barrier in the world.

Did you know?

Come check it out!

Our Wrecks

Do you prefer a more "rusty" dive? Well, we got you covered!
Here are (some of) the wrecks we can get you to!


The artificial reefs on the Haulover area:

  • C-One Tug (70 ft)

  • Conception (70 ft)

  • Andro (100 ft)

  • Tenneco Towers (110 ft)

  • Narwal (115 ft)

  • Tenneco Deep (*)

  • Cruz del Sur (*)

The artificial reefs on the Hollywood area:

  • Eben-Ezer-II (70 ft)

  • Donald McAllister (70 ft)

  • Emmi Boggs (70 ft)DD

  • Miss Dania Beach (75 ft)

  • Dantor (*)

The artificial reefs on the North Miami Beach area:

  • Tortuga (110 ft)

  • Betek-Ar-Pen (110 ft)

  • Deep Freeze (135 ft)

  • Lotus (*)

(*) Technical Depths

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